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outside the dream, oil on linen, made in Mile End, 2016, 90x110cm

hands and hands, Greece, 2016

Seapieces, I love Robert Morris (swimmers, Mark and Jo Essen, Nick Brooks, Isobel Wohl, Mel Franklin, Jamie Lobb, Robert Rush) pigment thrown in the sea, Zarakes, Evia, Greece 

drawings: charcoal and raw pigment on cotton sheets, made in Taroudant, Morocco at Stephenie Bergman's studio

group painting

Sumer Erek studio, 2016, made with Blackcaggie, Merlin Carpenter, Ayan-Yue Gupta, Katrin Hanusch, Callum Hickey, Gemma Lowe, Sophie Michael, Richard Muller, Andrew Munks

performance painting

Sumer Erek studio, 2016, pigment and water on cotton sheets

writing on the floor and a painting called Turn, Acme studio, Stratford

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